now look. her gaze goes to the left and up. clearly a mind in the midst of deductive reasoning.

… actually, i’m hungry.

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PH Retrace 98 (Camera Pics + Detailed Summary)


As usual, some summary pics and text to tide people over for PH!  So let’s get it started- Retrace 98 aka “oh no I thought everything was gonna be ok”.



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I saw a post over this a while ago and doodled this.


I saw a post over this a while ago and doodled this.


Great Ace Attorney trailer ⊟

Dying over here. The detective-work stuff! The art and animation look positively Ghost Trick-y. Sherlock Holmes in particular would fit right in. 

So that’s Tokyo Game Show, already worthwhile on the morning of day 1.

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Pendulum☆Cute is busy learning how to duel and filming live action events for Konami and they’re rewarded with not getting another job from the anime staff

artistes performing ARC-V’s next OP and ED
courtesy of november 2014 v-jump

OP: Bullet Train (same guys who did Believe x Believe)
ED: Sakaki Yuuya (VA: Ono Kensho) + Akaba Reiji (VA: Hosoya Yoshimasa



I asked my roommate what she would wish for if she were a magical girl in Madoka, and then this wonderful mess poured out of her mouth.


News: Grade 4 Harmonics Messiah Promo Leaked, Extra Deck to be Introduced to Vanguard

Five hours ago images of the Cardfight!! Vanguard Neon Messiah film’s promo card were leaked to Twitter by Japanese fans, revealing the full skills of the grade 4 unit Harmonics Messiah. The first unit in the game to make use of the new Stride mechanic, Harmonics uniquely belongs to no clan or nation, possesses a triple drive check instead of twin drive, and has a staggering 16000 base power where 13000 is the norm for grade 4 cards.

"(This card cannot be put in your Main Deck)
STRIDE (By meeting the condition and cost, until the end of the turn you may Stride)
CONT: This card belongs to all clans and all nations.”

Harmonics’ skills explicitly prevent it from being placed into the deck, and in fact its card back is completely different from standard card backs. This suggests that Harmonics will remain in a separate zone until Stridden, which has been theorized to be some form of Extra Deck or a zone specifically designed for this type of unit. Interestingly, Harmonics is not a Normal Unit nor a Trigger Unit, but a “G Unit,” tying into recent promotional materials for the still-unannounced fifth season of Cardfight!! Vanguard which stated “To the next “G” Stand up!! Vanguard!”


Harmonics Messiah is being distributed as a promo card to attendees of the Neon Messiah film, and will also be printed with alternate artwork as a Special Parallel-rarity card in the accompanying booster set, VG-MBT01: Neon Messiah.

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